Growing up my Nan ( Betty Joan ) and I would bake cakes, sweets and treats she even taught me how to make the perfect pot of tea. Each morning I was there I would get up to the table set, a cooked breakfast, a pot of tea  and the fuel stove ready to be filled with that days baking. The words I would always remember her saying was "Whisk Away, Whisk Away" and hours later we would have slices, cookies, cakes , jams and pickles all lined up on the kitchen bench. Just like my Grandmother left a fond memory for me I want to leave a lasting memory for each and every event that we bring our Whisk Away Vintage Van to!



Seven Mile Coffee Beans— Distinctive blends lovingly created by a team of award-winning roasters, international judges, Q Graders and Barista champions. From source to cup, and everything in between.


BioCup — BioCups paper is sourced from managed plantations and coated with Ingeo™ – a bioplastic made from plants not oil.  BioCup make the ordinary extraordinary by offering the humble paper cup as a canvas to promote talented New Zealand and Australian artists and connect consumers to the environment. #biocupartseries




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